Adding HFS+ read support to Windows

Recently I had a coworker request the ability to read an HFS+ formatted drive with Windows. I found a few scattered articles that pointed to Apple’s “Boot Camp Support Software” including an HFS+ driver, and it does.

How to add read only HFS+ support to Windows (64-bit) using Apple’s HFS+ drivers

Download the latest “Boot Camp Support Software”

Search the Apple support site for “boot camp support software”


I used “Boot Camp Support Software 5.1.5640”

Extract BootCamp.msi from \BootCamp\Drivers\Apple\


Opening the msi with Orca revealed two drivers as well as the registry entries required to make them work.

Orca_Component Orca_Registry

Extract the files from BootCamp.msi

(I used 7-Zip)


Copy the drivers

Copy AppleHFS.sys and AppleMNT.sys to c:\windows\system32\drivers


Add registry entries

Based on the information from BootCamp.msi I created the following registry entries.

AppleHFS AppleMNT

Copy the text below into a .reg file and execute it to add the required entries.


“Group”=”File System”
“Group”=”System Bus Extender”



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