Monthly Archives: May 2015

WLS 3.3 Released


  • Burn folder support for FileMonitor
  • FileData
    • Log file metadata for files found in command line parameters and event logs
  • Fixed (non-removable) disk monitoring
  • Load balancing
  • Network location awareness by joined domain
  • Optional host name set by DNS resolution
  • Optional alternate static host name
  • Monitoring UDF optical media changes
  • Support for non-FIPS hashing algorithms when FIPS mode is enabled
  • Suspended process checking (potential process hollowing)


  • Command line string handling
  • Database quota handling and maintenance
  • Error reporting
  • Event log extra data parsing
  • Event log XML parser
  • Installer
  • Network adapter reporting
  • New event log provider string resources (dynamic loading)
  • NewHash checking accuracy
  • Optimized syslog string generation
  • SessionMonitor reporting
    • All available session data logged for each session change event
    • Source IP address, optional source name (by resolution)
  • SQLite driver update
  • WMI reporting
    • Array handling
    • Nested WMI object support
    • Result count and index


  • Database over quota issues
  • Drive monitor errors for unsupported file systems (HFS+, etc.)
  • Event log subsystem error detection
  • Potential WTS memory leak

For more information on WLS, click “WLS Information” at the top, or here: WLS Information

If you’d like additional information about WLS, send me a note via the contact form. WLS is currently available to US entities, but does require a signed license agreement.