WLS 3.1 Released


  • Over 10x increase in internal throughput
  • Reduced internal latency
  • Improved read/write concurrency
  • Reduced I/O writes


  • Advanced log filtering
  • Detailed statistic logs of log filter matches
  • Certificate monitoring enhanced – all stores now available
  • Configuration hashing – ensure hosts are running the correct configuration
  • Enhanced CommandMonitor – Faster memory searches, includes process name, support for cmd, powershell, and more!
  • Detailed network interface logs on start-up and network change
  • Display names for coded values
  • ETL monitoring for Event Logs and files
  • Per server bandwidth and maximum log length settings
  • Full SSL connection details logged on first connection
  • Input rate limiting – prevent unexpected log floods
  • PrivateMBLimit – prevent WLS from consuming resources on a troubled system
  • SSDeep hashing
  • SessionMonitor – now includes all remote session details for RemoteConnect
  • User SID resolution to user name when present in log
  • Versioning changed – Major.Minor.[Year][DayOfYear].[MinuteOfDay]
  • Registry and file locations now restricted to Local System and Administrators

For more information on WLS, click “WLS Information” at the top, or here: WLS Information

If you’d like additional information about WLS, send me a note via the contact form. WLS is currently available to US entities, but does require a signed license agreement.


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