Finding vulnerable OpenSSL DLLs (Heartbleed) with WLS and Splunk

If you are running WLS with ModuleMonitor enabled, you already have logs of all loaded DLLs.

Simply run the following search:

WLS_ModuleMonitor “openssl” FileVersion=”1.0.1*” NOT FileVersion=”1.0.1g”

Results will look similar to:

2014-04-24T11:28:38-05:00 [host] WLS_ModuleMonitor: LogType=”WindowsEventLog”, BaseFileName=”ssleay32.dll”, ChangeType=”Added”, CompanyName=”The OpenSSL Project,”, FileDescription=”OpenSSL Shared Library”, FileName=”C:\Program Files\MakerBot\MakerWare\ssleay32.dll”, FileVersion=”1.0.1e”, InternalName=”ssleay32″, Language=”English (United States)”, Length=”343040″, MD5=”A49B52FB216AD1524C902A41A433A1E1″, Process=”makerware”, ProductVersion=”1.0.1e”, SHA1=”F21CBCC5F291C1D841581FDBBBF854B315D71248″, WLSKey=”35505″, Zone=”0″

For more information on WLS, click “WLS Information” at the top, or here: WLS Information

If you’d like additional information about WLS, send me a note via the contact form. WLS is currently available to US entities, but does require a signed license agreement.


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